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The Story of Fame Garments

An Inspirational Founder And His Company

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From Rags to Riches

The Inspiring Story of Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang, my elder brother, he is not so lucky, he was born in a very poor family thirty years ago. At that time, the domestic economy was not good, many people were poor and could not eat fully. They even don’t have enough money to buy food and clothes. My brother always wears old clothes from others and can not eat fully, our family even don’t have enough money to school for him, finally, he had to stop his studies in the first year of high school and go out to make money. At that time, he was only 17 years old. His first station is Dongguan, Guangdong Province. In the beginning, he doesn’t know anything, he can not find a job, most factories don’t need a male to work in a factory. He looks job everywhere and only a little money left to buy instant noodles, he even has no place to sleep, so he has to sleep under the bridge, but he never gives up, he keeps looking jobs, at last a garment factory recruits new workers, my brother persuades the boss to accept him to work there, his job is sewing. Because he doesn’t know how to sew, someone should teach him, my brother works and studies hard, soon he knows how to sew and can sew more and more fast. He can make a little money and save them, then remit to our family. When I had no money for my college study, brother supported and encouraged me, that’s why I am so lucky to finish my college study.

The Journey of Fame Garments

Quality and Service as the Driving Force

He has been working in the garment factory for a few years, but he feels he can not make much money, so he decides to be a salesperson. At the beginning, he is so shy to talk with people, but he persuades himself to be brave, Gradually, he is skillful to talk business and he can make more money. He is ambitious guy and he makes an important decision--establish his own garment factory.However, my family don’t support him, we don’t want him to take a risk but keep normal life, but he would like to try some different,no one can stop him. So in 2013, his garment factory was established. With his efforts, he can get many orders, the factory has to be expanded, brother becomes very busy, he has to know too much, how to manage workers, how to control the working capital and the cost of each side... he never stops learning, he becomes a smart and far-sighted businessman.

He deeply realizes that quality is one of the fundamental survival, then the service is another crucial factor. In these years, he insists in these two key concepts, and tell each worker in the factory to control the detail and quality well, serve each client at same attitude, no matter he is a big client or not. As a garment factory, we mainly focus on custom men’s clothing, we will be very proud of that more and more buyers wear the clothes which are produced by Fame Garments. Meanwhile, we would like to customize and design the fashionable and newest patterns for our clients. We have been keeping this concept for ten years now.

custom mens clothing

Global Expansion

Fame Garments' Journey to Conquer the World Market

In these years, brother finds the domestic market is competitive and he decides to develop new market-overseas market, but he doesn’t know any English. He thinks of me, I am his young sister, and my major is business English at college, he thinks I can help him a lot. My brother helps me and our family a lot, he is a great brother, I worship him in my heart, when he asks me if I would like to help him and to be his partner, I say YES without any hesitation.

Me, and my brother, in the next years, will stand together. Our goal is not only to produce clothes for domestic market, but also to export our clothes worldwide, we wish more and more clients from abroad to know Fame Garments and cooperate with us. Providing good products and service is our goal. We sincerely wish to reach win-win situation with each client.

Who Are We

Mid-To-High-End Men's Clothing Custom Manufacturer

Dongguan Fame Garments Co., Ltd. is a men's clothing customization company that provides a variety of high-quality clothing customization services such as T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, trousers, denim series, and sweaters. It works closely with global customers to create high-quality, fashionable clothing. The clothing is exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and other countries.
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Why Choose Fame Garments

Apparel Manufacturing to Help Your Brand Grow

custom mens clothing

One-stop Clothing Customization

We provide customers with one-stop clothing customization services, from fabrics, styles, LOGO, labels to clothing packaging.

custom mens clothing

Professional Service

Our factory is also a service factory for customers. Treat customers as our partners and provide you with high-quality service support.

custom mens clothing

Startup Company

From design, procurement, proofing, mass production, labeling, printing, and shipment, this mature production structure and high-quality assurance allow start-ups to quickly gain market recognition

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