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How To Choose

Work With A Reliable Jeans Manufacturing Company

Jeans are a perennial star of the year and are listed as "the best outfit to wear". Jeans are also coming in more fabrics and colors.The development of denim style is also more diversified, fashion, casual development trend.For jeans, there is a constant innovation, washed jeans, patch jeans, raw jeans and all kinds of denim tops, we can see the jeans in the market and on the street everywhere. Denim generally gives a strong, rugged and energetic look, suitable for both work and leisure.When looking for the jeans manufacturer, you need to keep in mind some small details so that you can get the garment product according to your preferences. You must do proper research on the design abilities of the manufacturer.
custom mens jeans
  • Manufacturers with rich experience and professional skills know how to produce high-quality jeans.
  • Manufacturers must use high-quality fabrics and accessories to ensure that each jeans is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and that the color does not fade easily.
  • Manufacturers must have the ability to produce large quantities of jeans and deliver orders promptly.
  • Manufacturers should provide customized services to meet customers' specific needs and requirements, such as design, printing, or embroidery.
  • Choosing a manufacturer with excellent customer service is crucial because you may need to communicate with them and solve problems.

Reason For Choosing

Why Choose Chinese Clothing Factories As Your Partners

custom mens jeans

China has the world's largest garment industry base, so you can get high-quality and diverse fabric choices

custom mens jeans

Chinese clothing factories usually have perfect production equipment and technical support, which can ensure that your orders are delivered on time and ensure high volume production of jeans

custom mens jeans

Chinese clothing factories often have very high product quality requirements and will take multiple quality control measures to ensure that your products meet standards

custom mens jeans

Chinese clothing factories can usually provide customized production services to meet the needs of different customers

custom mens jeans

Choosing a Chinese clothing factory as a manufacturing partner can bring higher quality, shorter delivery times, and more competitive costs to your brand

Reason For Customization

For Custom Jeans You May Need To Choose

custom mens jeans
Jeans Fabric

Denim fabrics are usually classified into several different types, including:

1. Hard denim: This fabric is chunky, usually in shades of gray or blue, and is very durable.

2. Soft denim: This denim is light and soft, making it great for shirts or lightweight pants.

3. Stretch denim: This denim contains stretchy fibers for greater comfort and wear.

4. Dyed denim: This denim is novel and can be dyed in a variety of colors and patterns.

The above are common denim fabric types, although there may be some other variations or blends.

custom mens jeans
Jeans Techniques

There are different kinds of techniques can be used on the jeans, here are some:

1. Stamping: By using a stamping machine on denim, decorative details such as text, logos and patterns can be added.

2. Wash water treatment: Soaking, rinsing and dyeing can make jeans look softer and more comfortable while giving them a unique look.

3. Engraving: Various patterns and designs can be carved into denim by hand or using a computer controlled knife.

4. Paste: Add dimension and culture by pasting fabric or other materials onto jeans.

5. Whitewash: Use bleach or acid wash during the wash process to make jeans look fresh and elegant.

custom mens jeans
Jeans Weight

Generally speaking, the higher the gram weight, the thicker and more durable the jeans. Here are some common weight ranges and characteristics of jeans:

8-12oz: Suitable for spring, summer and early fall, lightweight, soft and breathable.

12-16oz: Good for year-round wear, sturdy and has some warmth.

16-20oz: Suitable for fall and winter wear, very sturdy and provides excellent heating protection.

20oz + : Very durable but heavy, suitable for outdoor work or extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, when choosing jeans, you can choose the right gram weight according to the temperature, the nature of the job and personal preference.

custom mens jeans

Jeans Customization

Men's Jeans We Can Provide

We have prepared the latest customized Jeans display for you, let us be partners to customize products that are more suitable for brand positioning for you

Custom Men's Jeans With Acid Wash

Custom Men's Jeans With Embroidery

Custom Men's Jeans With Screen Printing

Custom Men's Tight Jeans

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