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How To Choose

Work With A Reliable Cargo Pants Manufacturing Company

The main features of cargo pants are: multiple pockets, retractable legs, drawstring, elastic buttons, zippers and other details.With the clever design of designers, cargo pants are no longer the previous simple cargo pants, now cargo pants styles have long cargo pants, short cargo pants, seven division of labor pants, nine division of labor pants, camouflage cargo pants, slim cargo pants, outdoor cargo pants and so on.When looking for a cargo pants manufacturer, you need to keep in mind some small details so that you can get the garment product according to your preferences. You must do proper research on the design abilities of the manufacturer.
custom mens pants
  • Manufacturers with rich experience and professional skills know how to produce high-quality cargo pants.
  • Manufacturers must use high-quality fabrics and accessories to ensure that each cargo pants durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and that the color does not fade easily.
  • Manufacturers must have the ability to produce large quantities of cargo pants and deliver orders promptly.
  • Manufacturers should provide customized services to meet customers' specific needs and requirements, such as design, printing, or embroidery.
  • Choosing a manufacturer with excellent customer service is crucial because you may need to communicate with them and solve problems.

Reason For Choosing

Why Choose Chinese Clothing Factories As Your Partners

custom mens pants

China has the world's largest garment industry base, so you can get high-quality and diverse fabric choices

custom mens pants

Chinese clothing factories usually have perfect production equipment and technical support, which can ensure that your orders are delivered on time and ensure high volume production of cargo pants

custom mens pants

Chinese clothing factories often have very high product quality requirements and will take multiple quality control measures to ensure that your products meet standards

custom mens pants

Chinese clothing factories can usually provide customized production services to meet the needs of different customers

custom mens pants

Choosing a Chinese clothing factory as a manufacturing partner can bring higher quality, shorter delivery times, and more competitive costs to your brand

Reason For Customization

For Custom Cargo Pants You May Need To Choose

custom mens pants
Cargo Pants Fabric

The fabric for cargo pants generally has the following types:

1. Cotton cloth: This cloth is made of 100% cotton, the width of the cloth is 155cm, and it is dyed by biological activity dyeing. The cloth is washable and not easy to fade, and it is comfortable and breathable without sultry feeling after being made into cargo pants.

2.khaki: Khaki is also very suitable for the production of overalls of a kind of fabric, it is generally made of cotton wool and chemical fiber and other materials blended fabric.  Will be more wear-resistant than pure cotton, the price will be lower than pure cotton.

3, polyester cotton fabric: polyester is also commonly used to produce cargo pants of a kind of fabric, also known as T\C cloth, it combines the common characteristics of cotton and polyester, made into pants comfortable and durable.

custom mens pants
Cargo Pants Techniques

There are many techniques you can do on cargo pants, such as:

1. Embroidery: You can embroider the company logo or patterns on the cargo pants.

2 Painting: You can iron the pattern or letters on the cargo pants.

3. Printing: Enterprise logos and advertising slogans can be printed on cargo pants.

4. Punch holes: You can punch holes in your cargo pants to increase air permeability.

5. Splicing: Fabrics of different colors or materials can be spliced together to add personality to cargo pants.

6. Embroidery: A variety of patterns or text can be embroidered on cargo pants through thread.

Each of these processes can be combined as needed to create unique cargo pants/overalls.

custom mens pants
Cargo Pants Weight

The gram weight of cargo pants is generally 150g, 240g, 270g, 300g, etc. Different gram weight is suitable for different working environment and season. Generally speaking, the lighter gram weight is suitable for summer wear, while the heavier gram weight is suitable for winter wear, and the heavier the gram weight, the better the wear resistance and protection of the pants.There are other options for the gram weight of cargo pants. For example, some light work clothes may choose 120 or 130 grams, while some work environments requiring higher protection may choose a heavier gram weight, such as 320 grams, 350 grams or larger. In general, different work environments and tasks require different grams of weight, so when customizing cargo pants need to be specific to the situation.

custom mens pants

Cargo Pants Customization

Men's Cargo Pants We Can Provide

We have prepared the latest customized cargo pants display for you, let us be a partner to customize products that are more suitable for brand positioning for you

Custom Men's Cargo Pants

Custom Men's Cargo Pants

Custom Men's Cargo Pants

Custom Men's Cargo Pants

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