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What is handmade beading ?

What is handmade beading ?

Mar 17,2024

Handmade beading, a designer's favorite decorative element, can turn even the most mundane and dreary garment into something more nuanced. Beading is a common decorative process, that is, the beads, beads by artificial (or machine) nailed on clothing or furniture cloth art, so that the overall look is more perfect, local details can also form a distinct hierarchy, three-dimensional sense of strong.

Adding nails to the embroidery pattern of clothing can also shape and highlight the three-dimensional sense of embroidery, so that its outline is clearer.

The beads mentioned in the nail beads are generally used to embellish the dress, so that the original monotonous clothing can produce rich levels, patterns and color changes in the visual effect.

The history of beads used in decoration can be traced back to the Paleolithic period, when beads made of shells or ivory were already used to mark identity and tribe. For thousands of years, emperors used rare pearls and precious stones to make beads to show their status and status.

Hand-nailed beads have a unique decorative technique and artistic style, the bead material is usually plastic beads, glass beads, metal beads, crystal beads. Some of the more luxurious clothing, will use high-grade pearls, gold, and other valuable decorative items to reflect the nobility of the clothing.

The beading process takes a long time on the clothing, and the effect of the carefully polished beading process fruit is also proportional to the time spent. The concave and convex texture of the beading will show the splendid and luxurious temperament of the clothing incisively and vividly, and the beautiful and dazzling feeling also makes the outline more clear.

Under heavy industry, must produce treasures, haute couture in the manual hours spent extremely long, to create the visual impact is also dazzling.

Every bead and every stitch of embroidery on the clothes become extremely dazzling under the careful polishing of the designer, coupled with the looming perspective of the design, showing women's curvy beauty, exquisite and gorgeous.

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