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The development trend of custom clothing

The development trend of custom clothing

Apr 17,2024

In recent years, along with the overall development of our economy and the improvement of urbanization level, the quantity and quality of people's material needs improve simultaneously, aesthetic requirements constantly upgrade, so that clothes become a symbol of people's personal style. Especially when the post-80s, post-90s gradually become the mainstream of the consumer market, they pay more and more attention to personal image, brand personalized, differentiation orientation is more and more obvious. And this change for clothing customization has brought a broad market space. Meanwhile, advances in information technology and automation have also promoted the development of customized clothing.

In this context, China's garment customization industry began to flourish, and the consumer market showed a strong development potential. Statistics show that from 2013 to 2017, the size of China's custom clothing market continued to expand, with an annual compound growth rate of 22.9%. In 2017, the scale of customized clothing in China reached 137.1 billion yuan, up 20.7% year on year; In 2020, the industry has entered a market of 200 million; The market is expected to reach 200 billion yuan by 2022. It can be seen that the prospect of China's garment customization industry is beyond doubt. 

At the same time, many companies have laid out bespoke clothing. For example, Annunciation Bird has established a large-scale personalized intelligent customization system. Through intelligent data analysis and information integration, order information commands are generated according to consumers' personalized orders, which drives intelligent factories to carry out large-scale personalized manufacturing, enabling factories to undertake customized orders in a single assembly line. The person in charge said, compared with the mainstream "high-end suit" on the market of 15-30 days of delivery, the company's industrialization customization cycle only 7 days, the production line will not be affected by customization efficiency. According to the statistics of the company, after digitization, the production efficiency of the company increased by 50%, the qualified rate of products increased to 99%, the material consumption and energy consumption respectively decreased by 10%, and the personnel was reduced by 10%.

Although the market prospect is great, there are still few domestic consumers for clothing customization. There are also some problems in the industry, such as high price, long delivery time and poor product quality due to lack of accessories. At the same time, clothing customization is mainly concentrated in the field of men's wear, limited to more delicate suits or related categories. In addition, the market is mainly concentrated in the high-end market, high-end customers are positioned to profit through high prices. For example, the price of custom-made suits is usually more than 20,000 yuan.

The pain point in the custom clothing industry is not just the production port, but other ports as well. For example, about 40 percent of consumers can't wear the right clothes because of their body type. There is no full category of custom ports on the market, consumers do not know who to look for. Some people said that how to overcome the problem of long production cycle and high production cost is the key to further upgrade the customized market in the future.

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