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2023 World Fashion Congress held in Dongguan: "Fashion made in Dongguan" how to circle the world

2023 World Fashion Congress held in Dongguan: "Fashion made in Dongguan" how to circle the world

Mar 26,2024

Global event, leading the world trend;  The stage of cooperation, create a better future.  On November 16, the first global apparel industry conference sponsored by China - 2023 World Apparel Conference opened in Dongguan Humen.  With the theme of "Global Cooperation, Creating a Better Future", this conference brings together industry associations, well-known enterprises, experts and scholars from nearly 20 countries and regions to build a platform for the exchange and cooperation of the world's garment industry through consultation, joint construction, sharing and win-win. 


On the morning of November 17, the 2023 World Fashion Congress opened in Humen, Dongguan.  


Humen clothing is well known, Dongguan manufacturing world attention.  The 2023 World Clothing Conference makes the "fashion tide, Dongguan made" strong again.  As "China's famous garment city", Dongguan has a strong garment industry foundation and has made immortal achievements in the development of China's garment industry.  As the "leading area of world-class garment industry cluster", Dongguan garment industry continues to transform and upgrade, and will become the most dazzling pearl on the global garment fashion map. 


Dongguan is the world's manufacturing factory, Humen is the world's garment factory.  "Humen annual output of 400 million pieces of clothing" has become a beautiful business card of Dongguan.  Humen garment has gradually grown into one of the pillar industries of Dongguan manufacturing industry, and Humen has also become a veritable "golden inner Bay" around the Pearl River estuary.  With the garment industry well-known at home and abroad, Humen has won many heavy "national brand" honors, including "China women's famous town", "China children's famous town", "National clothing (casual wear) industry well-known brand creation demonstration area", "China clothing regional brand pilot area", "National Torch Plan clothing design and manufacturing industry base" and so on.  At the same time, Humen clothing has also set a number of national "best", including the only prominent "garment industry" in the country "world-class industrial cluster pilot zone", the first batch of "national textile model industrial cluster" and "China's garment industry demonstration cluster". 


Build global consensus and promote positive change

The three-day World Fashion Congress is a grand event with high standards and authority.  The conference is co-sponsored by the China National Textile Industry Federation and the People's Government of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and hosted by China National Garment Association, China Textile Information Center, Dongguan Humen Town People's Government and Humen Garment Industry Association.  With strong influence and appeal, these authoritative professional institutions will work together with the unique geographical advantages and industrial resources of local industries to jointly escort the 2023 World Clothing Congress.  

The wide and powerful lineup of guests invited to the conference was amazing.  Among them are representatives of relevant ministries, officials from embassies and consulates in China, as well as top scholars and leading entrepreneurs from overseas organizations and industry associations from nearly 20 countries and regions.  There are nearly 50 speakers and dialogue guests alone, including about 20 foreign guests. This diverse fashion group crosses different fields and circles and meets in Dongguan, bringing world-class advanced experience and forward-looking practice. 


Clothing is an eternal cause, fashion is a global language.  Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out at the opening ceremony that clothing is related to people's well-being, promotes economic development, and is an important link for global cooperation.  With an annual output of more than 70 billion pieces of clothing, accounting for more than half of the world's total, Chinese manufacturing has become a guarantee for the quality and quantity of global clothing.  In the face of the new and the old, the chaos and the acceleration of the evolution of the world, Sun Ruizhe believes that it is difficult to act alone, and easy to follow the crowd.  We should give priority to development, share weal and woe, and learn from each other among civilizations, demonstrate our fashion responsibility in building a community with a shared future for mankind, and contribute our splendid strength to the process of world modernization. 

A history of clothing is a history of civilization.  Zheng Yongnian, dean of the Qianhai Institute of International Affairs of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and chairman of the Guangzhou Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Research Institute, said that culture is the soft power of clothing, and Chinese brands should upgrade from brand awareness to cultural awareness, in-depth exploration of cultural connotations, and with the help of technological means to achieve differentiated development.  

In the view of Riccardo Braccialini, executive chairman of the Federation of Italian Fashion Industry and president of the Italian Leather Goods Manufacturers Association, the Chinese clothing industry is undergoing an upgrade and occupies a higher position in the fashion chain, which will bring a series of changes.  China's garment industry between domestic enterprises, as well as international enterprises to establish closer ties, so that the impact of cooperation is more extensive.  

In order to build a long-term communication mechanism for the world apparel industry, the Congress will establish the secretariat of the World Apparel Congress as a preparatory platform;  The World Apparel Industry Alliance will be established to promote dialogue, action and change in a timely, efficient and continuous manner;  The Humen Declaration of the World Fashion Congress will be issued to promote continued positive change among relevant parties. 

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