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What is chenille embroidery

What is chenille embroidery

Mar 17,2024
Chenille/Towel embroidery: this is a kind of embroidery, that belongs to three-dimensional embroidery, the effect is much like towel cloth, so the name chenille/towel embroidery. 
Computer chenille/towel embroidery machine can embroider any flower shape, any color, embroidered flowers, plants; Trees; An animal; Figures; Comics, etc.; With the characteristics of hierarchy, novelty, a three-dimensional sense of strong, widely popular consumers, designers, so in recent years very popular. Can be widely used in clothing, home accessories, crafts, and other industries.
Towel embroidery is divided into hand towel embroidery and computer towel embroidery. 

1. Manual towel embroidery is a combination of manpower and machine single machine production mode, known as the hooked wool, suitable for flower shapes and is relatively simple, rough, and less color, although the shape of the product produced can be more unified, the flower shape is not the same if there is fine embroidery, it can not be completed. 
2. Computer towel embroidery is pure machine combined with computer program production, also known as computer knitting wool, chain embroidery, chain embroidery, maomao embroidery, computer towel embroidery, machine towel embroidery, etc. Embroider to make the products are exactly the same, the production speed is fast, fine flower shape is also fully competent for production. 
(1) Towel embroidery carried out by towel special machine 
There are two types: 
1) Towel embroidery 
The very popular method of embroidery in European and American clothing, the effect is like sticking a terry cloth, soft to the touch, smooth, and varied colors. Embroidery through the special towel head, the ordinary embroidery thread from the machine under the hookup, winding one coil after another to bring out the towel effect. 
2) chain stitch 
It is also a popular embroidery method in Europe and the United States, which is accomplished by changing the special head hook action. The coil was named after its unique embroidery effect because it was a chain shaped like a chain. 
(2) Towel embroidery is realized by installing high-speed rope embroidery and towel imitation embroidery device on the flat embroidery machine 

This towel embroidery effect achieved relatively few changes in technology, limited to similar to human or animal hair towel embroidery effects.

One of the machine embroidery stitches. When embroidering, the bottom line will be relaxed, and the surface line is tightened, so that the bottom line is over the embroidery surface. Needle transport method for straight-line travel must not be disorderly, can produce a curly towel pattern effect, and make the pattern plush. Such as the line of the needle to the straight line to continuously play small circle practice, on the embroidery surface can produce a series of small chrysanthemum shapes, this stitch is called "bottom chrysanthemum needle". It is used to embroider patterned flower cores, and the effect is very good. 
Hook cold, commonly known as towel embroidery, can be made by hand machine or computer hook cold machine! The finished product has a towel-like effect. It is generally divided into chain and hook hair two kinds of stitching, the general thread is artificial or fake hair.

Embroidery is very popular in the past two years. With the great popularity of embroidery, some children have gradually returned to the life of embroidery. The patterns on the towel embroidery are also full of personality, most of them belong to their own embroidery. I have a pillow towel embroidery that my girlfriend spent two months embroidering on me. For embroidery so far, in fact, cross stitch or towel embroidery is difficult to distinguish, like my pillow says, is a cross stitch out but there is a towel embroidery. 
In today's high efficiency and fast pace, with more and more elements of automation and mechanization in our life, the word "needlework" seems to have become a distant memory. It is under this background that cross-stitch, an imported product from the West, has become a representative of "fashion feminine" because of its simple embroidery method but also conforms to the traditional charm of Oriental ladies. It has become popular and favored by many women. A glimmer of embroiders friendship than those who have now finished product, a finished product much more deeply, the embroidery is not only an ornament but also a kind of leisure life and a kind of emotional sustenance. 
More and more people favor cross - stitch is also a good thing. Because of this, some of them will do their own towel embroidery is also a kind of technology, for girls who love a variety of patterns can also embroider on their own.
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