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what is Hot drill or rhinestone?

what is Hot drill or rhinestone?

Mar 17,2024
Hot drill, also called rhinestone, a kind of clothing accessory, is the use of heat transfer materials such as hot drill, hot sheet, hot glitter, and other materials to form a certain pattern, usually using hot paper as a transfer film, press on the decorative pattern on the clothing. The role of hot drawing is mainly decoration, because of the convenient processing, and the effect of three-dimensional shining, widely used in T-shirts, shirts, fashion, sweaters, hats, scarves, handbags, and other clothing.
Ironing drill: a kind of clothing accessory, ironing drill, ironing map, ironing map is a specific pattern of ironing drill glued to the back adhesive paper, pressed on the cloth material (including T-shirts, jeans, or other clothes and shoes, hats, bags). It can even be used to do nails, nail inserts, mobile phone inserts, etc. 
1 hot drill: the drill is divided into matte, bright, and color drill, drill size, and pattern can be according to the design needed to row drill; 
2 According to production: South Korea hot drill, Czech hot drill, Austria hot drill, domestic hot drill (acrylic hot drill), etc 
3 According to the quality to divide: crystal hot drill, glass hot drill, aluminum octagonal hot drill 

The hot drilling process is generally divided into three steps: select drill, row drill, and insert drill. 

1Working principle: hot drilling encounter high temperature (because most of the drill is crystal or glass not afraid of high temperature), the common temperature is about 150-200, so that the bottom of the rubber layer melting, so as to paste to the object. 

2 Applicable scope and notes: Hot drilling is a process to be completed at high temperature, lace material, coating, and mechanism material is not suitable for hot drilling, if the size of the drill is too big different, two sets of drilling drawings are needed, first hot small drill and then hot large drill. Silk material is too high temperature and easy to change color, thin material hot drill bottom of the rubber easy to bottom.

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