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What is flocking technique

What is flocking technique

Mar 26,2024
What is the flocking technique?
Flocking technology first started in China more than 3,000 years ago. It was first applied to objects with a sticky paste of resin and then coated with wood fiber or other fine powder for decoration. This is the prototype of flocking. Modern flocking technology arose in Europe. In the 1930s and 1940s, churches, palaces, and other large buildings in Europe were painted on the walls with glue, and some short fibers and colored powder were glued to them for decoration. The electrostatic flocking machine was first developed and used in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s and was introduced in China in the 1970s and 1980s. In the early 1990s, a multi-color flocking machine was developed in Germany. In 1994, our company first introduced it and produced it in 96. 

Flocking range

Flocking articles are colorful, soft, and three-dimensional. According to different needs, can be made to withstand washing, dry cleaning, and wear-resistant treatment. Due to the continuous progress of flocking technology, flocking is widely used. It may be thought that as long as the object can be coated with glue, it can be flocking. For example Clothing patterns, architectural decoration (used for interior decoration with environmental sound insulation), cosmetics (eyebrow pencil, color cake), paper products, jewelry boxes, pen boxes, wine bottles (such as heart wine), paper and plastic packing, velvet toys, bamboo and wood, textile rollers, bags and bags, shoes and hats, fur industry (imitation leather), textile fabrics, gypsum products, resin, metal utensils, handicrafts, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, air conditioning, Cars and so on. There will be more and more objects using flocking, which has become a new revolution in surface decoration.

Electrostatic flocking is to make use of the physical properties of charge repulsion and opposites attract, so that the pile with a negative charge, put the object to be flocking under zero potential or ground conditions, the pile is attracted by the plant body by the different potential, vertical acceleration to the surface of the object to be flocking, because the plant body coated with adhesive, The wool is stuck vertically to the quilt, so electrostatic flocking is a new production process that takes advantage of the natural properties of electric charge.

Flocking mode

According to the different flocking products, choose the appropriate flocking methods, which are generally divided into three types: 

1 Flocking machine pipeline flocking 
The flocking assembly line can realize the flocking, flocking, drying, flocking removal of a sample automatic completion, such as: flocking cloth, leather, paper, non-woven fabric, PVC, blister sheet, sponges, all kinds of crafts, toys, auto plastic parts, storage boxes, auto sealing tape, trim, blister box, cardboard, wall calendar, couplets, New Year pictures, packaging gift box flocking printing. 

2 box flocking 
The flocking box is made according to the size and shape of the flocking product, and the pile is placed in the box and connected to the power supply so that a high-voltage electric field is formed in the flocking box. The flocking product is sent into the box from one end of the flocking box. After three to five seconds, the flocking product is removed from the other end of the box and dried or dried. 

3 Sprinkler flocking 
Connect to the power supply, through the flocking machine generated tens of thousands of volts of high voltage static electricity, output to the nozzle, the nozzle with a negative charge, and then spray adhesive on the surface of the plant body, move the nozzle close to the flocking object, the pile under the action of high voltage electric field from the nozzle to the surface of the flocking object, is vertically planted on the surface of the object coated with adhesive.

Strong three-dimensional sense, bright color, soft feel, luxury and noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation moisture-proof, not off velvet, friction resistance, smooth without a gap.

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