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what is silicone printing?

what is silicone printing?

Mar 26,2024
It is well known that silicone has a certain field of application in different industries and industries. In our clothing, silicone products are also without defects. When purchasing clothing, I do not know if you have seen some soft colloid logos and text graphics in the clothes and pants as soft colloid auxiliary materials. Do you know more about it?

In the clothing industry, surface treatment is also divided into different kinds of materials, and silicone is just one of them. It belongs to soft colloid with good adhesion strength, so it is used in the clothing and footwear industry, etc., and the selling point still has a more prominent effect. Its advantage is not only beautiful and exquisite but also can have better wear resistance and service life in use.

The process is mainly for silicone products manufacturers to drop glue forming, liquid silicone products forming process processing, mainly after the uniform deployment of glue on the surface of the clothes, raw materials in the needle, injection equipment program deployment on the clothing for dispensing curing molding, at present in the silicone clothing LOGO customization, as well as the dispensing process has been relatively mature. 

At present, there is a wide range of processes used in the field of clothing, and different processing methods can be selected. At present, the more common process and use of bright face rounded 3D effect silicone, mold embossing concave and convex three-dimensional effect, transfer silicone effect, rope head silicone, glove printing silicone, silk screen transfer toothbrush effect silicone, webbing printing silicone, right Angle thick plate silicone and other products and processes.

In the glue-dropping process, whether it is used in equipment and industry fields, it can achieve a good processing effect, give consumers a strong three-dimensional sense, and the pattern and shape of the processing are more delicate, reduce manual intervention cost is controllable, silicone gel dropping processing can be combined with hardware, plastic, and other materials in addition to the field of clothing. So it is a relatively mature process at present!

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