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What is heat transfer printing

What is heat transfer printing

May 1,2024
What is heat transfer printing/ pyrography ?
It is one of the crafts of clothing printing. It is through the heat transfer process to print patterns on clothing, mainly used in T-shirts, T-shirts, advertising shirts, coats, jeans, children's wear, plush toys, sports clothes and so on.

Pyrography/heat transfer printing classification

Heat transfer printing is divided into many kinds of effect technology: PET low-temperature plane hot stamping, foaming hot stamping, flocking hot stamping, washing water label, swimsuit hot stamping, reflective hot stamping, gold and silver scallion hot stamping, glass bead hot stamping, sublimation hot stamping, crystal color hot stamping, sports number letter logo. 

PET low temperature flat hot stamping: offset printing, color washable, stretching resistance. Color photo effects (people, landscapes, etc.) are widely used in ready-to-wear and high-temperature-resistant fabrics. 
Application scope: advertising shirt, culture shirt, handbag, luggage, etc 
Foaming hot paper: foaming hot paper 
Application scope: children's wear, women's wear, advertising shirts, etc 
Flocking hot stamping: strong flocking three-dimensional feeling, feel soft. Newly developed multi-color flocking hot stamping, golden onion flocking hot stamping, in a leading position in the industry. 
Scope of application: Widely used in women's wear, sportswear, children's wear, plush toys, woolen sweaters, etc.

Washing label: clear pattern color, smooth lines. Ultra-high elasticity, washable, and comfortable to wear. The color fastness level shall be above European Level 4, in line with the latest SGS environmental testing standards. Application: T-shirt, shirt, underwear, socks 
Swimsuit hot stamping: high stretch, especially stretch resistance. Environmental protection index to meet the international adult fabric requirements. Application scope: swimsuit body underwear body shaping underwear bodybuilding clothing, etc 
Reflective hot stamping: imported reflective film, smooth and shiny surface, luminous rate of 0.9 or more. 
Scope of use: warning signs traffic safety clothing sportswear children's wear 
Gold and silver scallion hot stamping: After offset printing, the gold/silver scallion effect is added to some specific positions of the pattern, so that the pattern is more bright and dazzling. Spot color printing and gold/silver onion printing, so that the gold/silver onion reflection and flash effect is more significant, can reflect the bright color of the product. 
Application scope: women's fashion clothing, etc 
Glass beads hot stamping: solid surface, crystal clear, gorgeous elegant, good fastness. 
Suitable range: Suitable for jeans, children's wear, and all kinds of luggage and bags. 
Sublimation hot stamping: After heat transfer printing, the pattern color completely permeates into the textile fiber. Realistic image, has good air permeability, no feel, and never fades. 
Scope of use: T-shirt sports shirt 
Crystal magic hot stamping: bright surface, crystal, feel soft. With a strong sense of crystal color vision. 
Scope of application: children's fashion advertising shirts 
Dumb surface hot stamping: belongs to the cold tearing hot stamping process, Hengrise hot stamping company adopts imported cold tearing special release material research and development of a new hot stamping process, the pattern edge is smooth, has the matte effect of printing film, soft and natural color, noble and elegant. Cold tear technology, suitable for printing factories, clothing factory mass hot stamping. 
Bright surface hot stamping is a kind of color hot stamping process, that belongs to the cold tearing hot stamping process, the pattern edge is smooth, has the bright effect of printing film, and the conjunctiva is thick, noble, and gorgeous. Cold tear technology, suitable for printing factories, clothing factory mass hot stamping, is widely used, mainly used in school bags, children's clothes, and other luggage and clothing.
Pyrography /Heat transfer printing foreground on clothes

Pyrography/heat transfer printing has a wide range of applications and is convenient application. It has replaced other auxiliary materials in many fields. Traditional screen printing and water printing have gradually transformed into a hot stamping/heat transfer printing process. Hot stamping is gradually known and recognized by domestic customers. Some brands of clothes and bags also begin to use hot stamping products. The prospect of the hot stamping/heat transfer printing industry will be better and better, and the competition will be more and more fierce.
Basic principles of hot stamping/heat transfer printing

First, the pattern is printed on the pet film coated with a release agent. After drying, the patterned film is ironed to the surface of clothes or other fabrics through high temperature and high pressure, leaving the pattern and tearing away the waste film to complete the hot stamping process. Therefore, this way, it is called "hot stamping", also called "heat transfer hot stamping". This way of hot printing is almost suitable for all clothing, all cloth, the premise is to face different cloth and have to take different printing processes. Especially the high elastic drawstring cloth, the cloth itself has strong elasticity. At this time, if the glue coating is not used properly, it will be made into clothes and worn. When doing outdoor activities, the pattern parts will be easy to crack due to the intense stretching and exercise of the limbs, which will affect the quality of the clothes and eventually the reputation of the ground. 
Clothing hot stamping, and can be subdivided into gum hot stamping and inkjet hot stamping. Gelatinous hot stamping is suitable for batch operation, need to use a large four-color printing press to print and then apply back glue after printing. Plate making fee and boot fee are relatively high, usually more than 500 copies can be used in this process, otherwise, the cost is too high. The proofing fee is usually several hundred yuan. Inkjet hot stamping refers to the need for inkjet printer printing on special transfer paper, which can be single printing, so the proofing cost is very cheap, only needing dozens of yuan, suitable for family workshop operation, but not suitable for printing dark clothes. 
Gelatine clothing hot stamping advantages: it can print high-precision photos of characters and 3D game animation patterns, such as colorful, full of layers and delicate colors, which can be very close to the computer design draft. Disadvantages: The hand feel is not perfect. When touching the hand, there is a gelatinous feeling, just like a piece of plastic film close to the skin. When the pattern is too large, this dress will have a stuffy feeling on the body, because it is not breathable. If only for clothing products to do small pattern decoration, it is best. Of course, luggage products, do not have to worry about whether it is breathable. 
Clothing hot painting, suitable for many fabrics are very miscellaneous, suitable for all kinds of cloth, all kinds of clothing. However, due to the complexity of its process, it needs careful screening by users.

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