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what is Patch embroidery?

what is Patch embroidery?

May 1,2024
Patch/Applique embroidery, also known as patchwork embroidery, is a form of embroidery in which other fabrics are cut and stitched onto clothing. Pasted embroidery in Chinese named Su embroidery also belongs to this category. Chinese name tiebuxiu, foreign language name patch embroidery, the embroidery method is to stick cloth according to the pattern requirements cut, stick on the embroidery surface, also can stick cloth and embroidered surface between the padded cotton and other things, so that the pattern eminence and three-dimensional sense. After pasting, use a variety of stitches to lock the edge. The cloth embroidery method is simple, the pattern is based on the block surface, and the style is unique and generous. The process of cloth sticking embroidery machine is divided into three steps: positioning, fixing and covering. When the embroidery reaches the inlaid embroidery object, the first step is to position the object with a single contour line (the same color as the previous object). Then change the color to stop, put the cloth on the contour line, start the machine to fix the stitch to fix the cloth, change the color to cut off the excess cloth, start the machine again, cover the stitch on the surface.

Patch embroidery is a common way to express text, pattern,s and other contents in embroidery. The text pattern of patch embroidery is mainly based on block surface, unique and generous style, and strong three-dimensional sense, which is favored by consumers. 

First of all, the embroidery pattern of established shape should be made, then the positioning line should be taken on the fabric, and then the embroidery pattern should be fixed on the fabric according to the positioning line. On the same fabric plane, sometimes it is necessary to embroider very close, disconnected, multi-text, and multi-pattern embroidery patterns. In the existing technology, the text or pattern is usually positioned and pasted one by one, which is very low efficiency. Sometimes it is necessary to stick embroidery text patterns although they are connected to each other, the text patterns are complicated and the outline is complex embroidery patterns. Because the positioning line is usually set in accordance with the outline of the embroidery pattern, it is difficult to compare many positioning lines when the embroidery pattern is positioned.

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