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What is Burn flower process ?

What is Burn flower process ?

Apr 17,2024

Burnt out is a kind of printing. It is mostly used in polyester/cotton or brocade/cotton fabrics, knitted woven, woven. this fabric is mostly used in shirts and T-shirts.

Burnt out printing, also known as transparent processing, corrosion processing, Japan known as carbonization printing, also known as burnt out printing.

A burnt out print is a fabric consisting of two fibers, one of which can be destroyed by a certain chemical. The other fiber is not affected, so it can be adjusted into a chemical printing paste after printing, after the appropriate post-treatment. If one of the fibers is destroyed, it will form a special style and transparent style of burned print fabric. 

In the early days, cotton covered polyester long silk was spun into grey cloth of core-spun yarn, which was made of transparent, concave and convex printing products after burnt-out printing. There were also poly-cotton blended light-colored burnt-out printing fabrics with natural pattern and unique style, just like cicada wing yarn, which was transparent and non-transparent, colorful and glittering. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the art of clothing, personalization, more and more pursuit, has been developed on the basis of traditional burnt-out printing, innovation, in recent years, burn clothing cloth printing has developed rapidly, like cotton and nylon knitted garments after burn printing, transparent pattern set off the inner layer of color, rich three-dimensional sense, elegant and chic.

Burning fabric principle

Through chemical reflection, the cotton components in the fabric are melted away, leaving the polyester components, so that the effect is burned printing, brush to this slurry, the cotton is not, only polyester, a variety of burn patterns appear translucent effect.

Burning fabric production process is a little complicated, before the production of large goods to confirm the pattern of burning, burning fabric weaving yarn is cotton polyester, burning out of the pattern, in fact, the use of additives to the fabric appearance of cotton fiber rot, leaving only the inner core of polyester.

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