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What is toothbrush embroidery ?

What is toothbrush embroidery ?

Apr 17,2024

Toothbrush embroidery is a new type of embroidery, used in clothing, home accessories, crafts and other fields.

It is in the ordinary embroidery process, add a certain height of accessories (such as EVA) on the fabric, after the embroidery is completed, use tools to repair the embroidery line on EVA, remove the accessories, and form my toothbrush shaped embroidery. Commonly known as toothbrush embroidery. 

Toothbrush embroidery and flocking embroidery are two different concepts, toothbrush embroidery emphasis embroidery line ivory brush bristles stand up. Flock embroidery is to pull out the wool of the velvet cloth to form embroidery, the wool is fallen.

In addition, toothbrush embroidery and towel embroidery are also different. Towel embroidery is the embroidery thread towel shape embroidery on the cloth surface, so that the embroidery pattern has the characteristics of multi-layer, novelty, three-dimensional, and can achieve the flat embroidery, towel embroidery mixed embroidery, greatly improve the use of computer embroidery machine grade and expand its application field, can be widely used in clothing, home accessories, crafts and other industries.

How to make toothbrush embroidery ?


According to the size of the pattern, use the open tape to run a single line open position on the sand net.

Cut the sand mesh along the outer frame of the single wire, and attach double-sided tape around the cut holes for stereoscopic adhesive.

Apply a circle of double-sided tape according to the size of the fabric.

Put a layer of sand net before applying the stereo glue to prevent the embroidery thread from falling into the stereo glue during embroidery.

The stereo glue is attached to the double-sided tape, and a layer of wax paper can be added to the stereo glue in order to facilitate the embroidery.

Stick the fabric upside down on the double-sided tape.

Place a layer of ironing on the site of embroidery, and then embroider.

After the embroidery is finished, the iron and other tools are used to make the iron stick to the embroidery line after hot melting to prevent the embroidery line from coming loose after processing, and the embroidery line can also be prevented from coming loose after processing by adding ironing glue. 

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