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What is cat whiskers?

What is cat whiskers?

Apr 17,2024

Cat whiskers are simply those wrinkles on jeans, which are the effect of washing water. 

1, natural cat whiskers: pants made of woven fabrics (such as denim) will produce horizontal "cat whiskers" in the horizontal position, which is called natural cat whiskers.  Natural cat whiskers are mainly caused by the protrusion of the human pubic bone.  In general, skinny pants in the front crotch of the human body due to the influence of the pubic bone, will produce more or less cat whiskers.  Natural whiskers can be reduced by appropriate cutting methods, but generally cannot be eliminated.  If the pubic bone protrude is not very obvious, the appearance of slimming pants can eliminate natural cat whiskers.  

2. Artificial cat whiskers:  

Artificial cat hair is the most commonly used post-finishing process of denim clothing, it is the effect of high temperature and styling treatment, the general procedure is: resin foam - steam iron wrinkling - curium furnace high temperature styling. 

What is a cat's whiskers?  

Whiskers (Whiskers) are the natural creases and discoloration effects that appear on the buttocks, knees, or thighs of jeans as a result of long wear and friction.  Because these textures look just like a cat's whiskers, they are called whiskers.  


Cat whiskers denim craft  

By hand or machine, the naturally formed cat whiskers effect is presented  


What are the cat whisker denim processes  

1. Ordinary cat whiskers (hand rub)  

Before washing the jeans, the jeans are artificially rubbed with sandpaper to create some whiskers, mimicking the effect of natural cat whiskers  

2.2d resin crepe type  

Through the process can make the flat cat whiskers look three-dimensional effect  

3. Mold whiskers  

Through the design of the cat whisker shape abrasives in advance, the exposed part of abrasives is sprayed and washed, which requires high production level of abrasives.  

4. 3d vertical cat whiskers  

Through the process, the cat must have two layers of light and dark, which is more hierarchical than the ordinary cat, and the level of the washing master is high  

5. Laser cat whiskers  

With a machine instead of manual, with laser to make the effect of cat whiskers, the advantage is fast, environmental protection, can do a variety of washing effect, the disadvantage is expensive! 

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