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What is monkey wash?

What is monkey wash?

Apr 17,2024

Today, we introduce a special process of fashionable clothing.  It is called monkey spray process, monkey wash process used to be more used in denim clothing, and today it has a more diversified application on casual shirts, knitted T-shirts, hoodies, woven coats, and pants.  Now the fashion brand new casual pants, T-shirt hoodie in the design of the use of special process spray monkey, to create a gradual halo.  Do the old autumn and winter underwear, the effect of washing water is full of personality!

Due to the needle, woven clothing spray mane, the color of the shirt (dye) will fade due to the oxidation of potassium permanganate solution, and produce a natural gradual effect from light to deep, as if the sun has faded, so some people also needle, woven casual wear spray mane called sun wash.  

However, the fabrics of ordinary needles and woven garments are dyed with reactive dyes, and potassium permanganate can not completely oxidize reactive dyes, so the position of spray mane is easy to yellow or red, and the appearance effect is very unnatural.  If the appropriate amount of phosphoric acid is added to the prepared potassium permanganate solution, the strength of potassium permanganate can be strengthened, and the color of the monkey part will be white, and the effect is more natural and beautiful.  However, it should be noted that according to the test, some colors in the addition of phosphoric acid will cause unstable reaction and easy to flower.  

tips: Spray mane, if there is a metal zipper or any other decorative accessories on the shirt, be sure to wrap with cloth first, because potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent, will cause metal oxidation rust, metal or metal plating after oxidation of the liquid will seriously corrode the color of the clothes, leading to clothing damage. 

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