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custom men's hoodie introduction for embossing

custom men's hoodie introduction for embossing

May 1,2024
The embossing process is to use a way of opening the mold to the garment section of high-temperature hot pressing or high-frequency voltage to the fabric's local forming and processing.
The embossing process is to screen print a layer of silicone on a layer of fabric, and then pad the fabric, with the upper and lower embossing mold hot pressing. The basic characteristics of the concave and convex embossing process are that the pattern created on the flat surface of the area is not wide and the thickness is not large.
1. The hierarchy is clear, and the richer the expression, the better. 
2. The three-dimensional image is condensed, and the more rigorous the expression, the better. 
3. Accurate perspective, the more true expression, the better.
Its basic characteristics can be fully expressed by the concave-convex embossing process. T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants are all printed with a 3D stereo convex embossed process. For example, tide brand men's wear also likes to use three-dimensional printing, simple letter logos, patterns, etc., to create a rich and colorful concave and convex surface with full three-dimensional sense and strong convex sense.
Advantages: Directly on the clothes have a concave and convex shape, with a three-dimensional sense.

With the continuous improvement of social living standards, people's requirements in various fields of clothing, food, housing, and travel are increasingly high. Clothing, that is, clothing, as the saying goes, "clothes depend on clothes", so we can see why "clothes" will be in the "clothing, food, housing and transportation" position. 
The clothing industry is a very large demand industry. It also promoted a variety of styles and materials of clothing. Behind these splendid costumes, how much effort goes into the making of costumes? I'm afraid few people will go into it. 
Three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the top. Can be three hundred and sixty lines, line and line of hardship. Amateurs watch the action, experts watch the way. Seemingly ordinary clothing behind, in fact, hidden a lot of technology in it. 
Take the concave and convex patterns on the clothing for example, concave, and convex, all kinds of patterns are vivid, can better publicize the personality, and release the color of youth, by many young people after. 
But how do you create this kind of curvy text or pattern on your clothes? Now I will introduce them to you one by one. 
1, Prepare the corresponding mold, a total of two pieces, the pattern is the same, divided into concave die and punch die. 
2, clothing concave and convex embossing, with heating function, pressing pressure should be large, in order to different materials of fabric.  
3. Open the embossing molding machine and adjust the temperature and pressing time of the upper and lower two pressure plates respectively. The corresponding pressing pressure, temperature, and pressing time of different materials of cloth are not the same, which needs more practice and frequent mastery. 
4. Take the polyester fabric as an example, adjust the pressure gap to the appropriate position, adjust the upper temperature to 203 degrees, adjust the lower temperature to 203 degrees, press time 4S, and rise time 3S. Wait for the pressure plate to heat to the set temperature. 
5. Lay the cloth flat on the surface of the die, and then cover the punch on the cloth. It should be noted that the two dies should be aligned, otherwise, it is easy to damage the die. 
6, put the mold on the lower temperature plate of the embodying machine, start the machine, and press down, after pressing 4S, the upper and lower two heating plates automatically separate, break the concave and convex die, take off the cloth, is the complete finished product. 
If it is a mass production of a style, you can use glue to fix the concave and convex die respectively in the lower and upper two heating plates, so as to save the trouble of the mold, only need to release materials and take the finished product. To save time and worry, it should be noted that the temperature of the upper and lower two pressure plates is quite hot. In actual operation, we must remember to wear protective gloves to prevent burns.
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