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what is puff printing?

what is puff printing?

Sep 6,2023
The clothing foaming/puff process is the foaming/puff printing process, referred to as foaming/puff printing. 
It is to add several chemical substances with a certain proportion of high expansion coefficient in the glue printing dye, and the printing position is blistered at a high temperature of 200-300 degrees after drying, to achieve a three-dimensional effect similar to "relief".

Foaming/puff printing is also known as three-dimensional printing. The foaming/puff printing process is developed on the basis of the glue printing process. The foaming/puff printing process can do high, medium, and low foaming effects according to the requirements of the substrate. The advantages are strong three-dimensional sense, printing surface prominent, and expansion. It is widely used in cotton cloth, nylon cloth, and other materials.

The raw material of foamed printing is made of thermoplastic hencoop, blowing agent, coloring agent, etc
Taking clothing foam/puff printing and socks foam printing as examples, the principle of foam technology used is physical foam. When the microcapsule resin mixed with printing pulp meets heat, the resin solvent forms gas, and then becomes bubbles, and the volume increases accordingly, which is the principle of puff/foaming printing that we usually come into contact with. 

The requirements for puffing/foaming printing have the following four points, for everyone to understand: 
(1) Foaming/puff printing effect, suitable for socks products, can also be designed on clothing pieces, and can also be with other flat patterns without foaming to make a set of printing patterns. A stereoscopic outline is outlined on a general flat pattern. Or in the flat pattern on the prominent part of the foam printing, giving a relief effect. 
(2) On clothing pieces, the space of foam/puff printing design can be larger. It is not limited by the size of the area and the light color source. Sometimes all the patterns on the piece are foamed printing, and the three-dimensional effect is very obvious, such as cartoon patterns on children's shirts, advertising trademarks and so on. 
(3) The foam/puff printing pattern on the printing fabric should be mainly dispersed and small, giving people the feeling of embroidery. Too much area will affect the feel. The area is too small and the foaming effect is not ideal. The color should not be too dark. White or medium light color is appropriate. 
(4) Foaming/puff printing in multiple sets of color printing, should be arranged in the last color printing, so as not to affect the foaming effect. And should use cold table. Prevent printing wall mesh.
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